Posters give a face to any fest. Posters bring out the best creativity in terms of design. They are a vital element of the fest and help them to reach out to a large number of people.Eye catching posters with a beautiful design are a sight to behold. Poster design is an art. MINARE 2017, invites the cool designers out there to let your mind create your magnum opus on theme MINARE.


Anyone pursuing education (graduation or post graduation) from any recognized institute and must have registered for MINARE 2k17.


1. Different Haulage Systems used in Under Ground Mining.
2. Blasting Patterns used in Mining (Either open cast or underground).
3. Crushers used for Comminution in Mineral Processing Plant.
4. Failures in Underground Mining.
(Ex: Roof failure, side failureetc.)
5. Heavy Earth Moving Machinery(HEMM) used in open cast mining
6. Evolution of support systems in Underground mining
(Ex: from wood to roof bolting)
7. Ventilation systems in underground mining
8. Drilling Technology used in mining
9. Underground coal extracting machineries
10. Advanced Surveying Technology.
(Ex: Electronic theodolite, Total station, etc.)
11. Layout of Mining Methods
(Minimum 4 methods should be mentioned in poster.)
12. Instrumentation for monitoring ground movement
13. Personal Protective Equipment(PPE) for Miners
14. Instrumentation for Air Particulate (Dust) Monitoring.
(Ex: Konimeter, Simslin,etc.)
15. Flame Safety Lamps


1. Only teams who have registered online would be able to participate.
2. Each team can contain a maximum of Two (2) participants. Students from different colleges can form a single team.
3. The teams are not allowed to submit any copyright poster. If someone is found using any such material team will be disqualified from the event
4. Poster should be done in A3 size (vertical or horizontal).
5. Participants should submit their Color Printed poster before the event starts.
6. The decision of the judges would be final and binding.
7. Only Top three winners will get certificate of merit. However other participants would get a certificate of participation.